"Thank you so much for taking care of me! Stress levels are instantly down. You have a gift! Glad you are nearby!"


Maritza R.R.

"Very knowledgeable in injury treatment.. explains techniques and benefits for all my questions in each session.  Professional, clean and comfortable atmosphere"


Kristina B.


"I received care by Dr. Lee for a right sided neck complaint that had been bothering me intermittently for several months.  The cause of the tenderness was difficult to understand, but I realized that something needed to be done to avoid potential worsening of symptoms.  Dr. Lee's care was effective at decreasing the pain intensity and the acupuncture care was something that initially seemed unlikely to help, but it really has made a difference and I am thankful for the time that he offered in diagnosis and care."


Dr. Matt G.



"Dr. Lee is just unbelievably amazing! I've had acupuncture before, and I am never going to see anyone else ever again. I have an autoimmune disease and when I go to him regularly he  relives  my disease symptoms and I feel balanced, centered, energized.
Dr. Lee takes the time to figure out your ailments your history and possible causes. He takes his time treating you, and not rushing through putting the needles in. He genuinely cares about his patients and helping them. Dr. Lee is a great healer and I only wish I could go to him every day!!!  The whole office is great and I highly recommend them."


Mara R.C.






First of all i would like to say generatians acupuncture is amazing!I was having really bad shoulder pain, and didnt know what to do, so i went to generatians acupuncture and after my first session the pain was no more!Dr.Lee took care of me, he relieved me of all the pain in my shoulder and the stress it put on my body and mind. thank you so much Dr.Lee and i recommended everyone to go to generatians acupuncture!!!

Naor B.

Excellent service in a warm environment. Dr. Lee has just recently been helping me with back and hip pain but I am already seeing improved results and less pain. He has even gone further to treat me for more comprehensive ailments beyond those areas. Polite, prompt and I wholeheartedly recommend and friendly, I wholeheartedly recommend him for Acupuncture.

Marcel W.

I visited Dr. Lee, because I had problems after my surgery. I'm super afraid of needles and I was escaping acupuncturist all my live because of that fear, even I knew acupuncture might resolve my problems.
I'm so glad that I've meet Dr. Lee, because he has such a passion with me and is very soft and understanding. My tights after the surgery are becoming softer and I feel less pain when I touch them.
I'm so grateful for this treatment, because after few sessions, we have got great results. I highly recommend Dr. Lee!!

Sandra V.



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