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Offers a complete system for natural and drug free health maintenance and well-being. By stimulating appropriate acupuncture points with sterilized disposable acupuncture needles, it strengthens your body’s natural healing power allowing your body to heal itself.

Providing over a hundred ready made Korean herb formulas for many conditions.  Formulas are carefully selected after thorough, not just once, but several diagnosing sessions through pulse sensing, tongue reading and questioning intakes.   

Using vacuum creating technique with cups through both gliding and placement of cups on patient's back. This treatment protocal promotes vibrant circulation in vertebrae and urinary bladder meridians connecting all of the major organs in the body. 

Treatment using burning of mugwort herb pallets variously sized directly and indirectly on acupuncture points and local areas of pain.  It promotes robust immune system, tonifies Qi(force), expels the  cold pathogens and overall better circulation.

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