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Intentional Exhale-driven breathing is the bedrock foundation for human health!

Modern and Traditional Holistic Medicine perspective


Written by Tim Jung Lee L.Ac. MSOM




Can you ever eliminate stress?   No.

Okay.., how about if you can help your body to reduce the amount of stress it retains?


What is the definition of STRESS?


'Stress.... is literal SUFFOCATION of cells/the whole body due to SHALLOWNESS of BREATH that occurs during various activities that a person engages oneself with that  require concentration and focusing for some duration of time.' 


this is what LITERALLY KILLS us every time it happens, shallowness of our breath, ESPECIALLY, shallowness of exhale !   this lack of exhaling  creates pressure build-up in our entire body, not to mention in our blood stream..  'pressure-cooking' of our entire system. 


'Intentional Exhale driven breathing habit will reduce stress level substantially on a minute by minute basis and eliminate all effects of stress .., VERY foundationally and naturally because your whole body is better oxygenated and efficiently regulated carbon dioxide and  other gas elements  out of your system !!'


Most of us, unless you’re the Buddha, probably have experienced many times when we would hold our breath during a suspense movie, playing computer games, cramming for a final exam, reading a romance novel, playing a game of intense sport or working to meet the deadline for a project at work.. and even while thinking about something intensely.

We oftentimes find ourselves catching a big and long breath of exhaling after finishing such activities.  This is one of the main built-in stress releasing mechanism in our body.


Human beings are mammals which must breathe air to stay live.  Our body is like an enormous factory in operation for 24/365 generating gargantuan amount of necessary biological elements on an hourly basis to maintain daily balanced homeostasis status and produce wastes materials in result.  One of the most prominent waste materials is carbon dioxide-gas.  Exhaling exhausts carbon dioxides and other gas elements made in the process, and if it doesn’t get expelled appropriately from our system it remain in our blood stream to cause lower blood-oxygen pressure feeding into kidney renal system which will result in sluggish blood filtering effect at nephron level which then produce less and quality-compromised blood amount.  it will eventually cause deterioration of kidney not to mention the fact that it end up being toxic to our body.


Proper and plenty amount of exhaling will exhaust carbon dioxides in human body increasing oxygen pressure in blood stream enhancing renal function which will support liver’s function through kidney’s blood filtering function and hormone producing function.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, kidney’s Yin essence nurtures liver’s Yin which will control Liver’s Yang Qi(energy) from rising in which often times trigger blood pressure rise and other liver stressed conditions and ailments.  What I’m trying to communicate here is that intentionally regulated ‘Exhaling’ is the key to controlling your stress!  ‘IT BRINGS DOWN STRESS LEVEL !!!’  In other words, practice of ‘Intentional Exhaling’ will help a person to reduce stress in substantial amount on a minute by minute base and stay healthy overall.


Intentional Exhaling will also slow down person’s aging process because it  will help kidney to function more efficiently helping it to do its work easier – you’re letting out more toxins out of your body, and you’re not getting stressed out as much.  The combination of cortisol hormone buildup in our body due to stress and increase of carbon dioxide with lack of exhaling can’t be good for our system.


In traditional medicine perspective kidneys hold the person's original life essence energy that had been received from parents and depends on how it gets used it can last long or short.  Given the fact that intentional exhaling assisting in easing the kidney's function through maintaining robust oxygen pressure of blood vessel, the theory claiming that there is a direct relation between anti-aging effect and intentional exhaling exercise stands.


At this point let me ask you a profound question…

Who is your doctor? 

Who knows best about your current physiological and mental condition?   Is it your Primary care physician may he/she be a MD, holistic medicine practitioner like an Acupuncturist or a Chiropractor?





That’s absolutely Right.


Our body has insatiable drive to repair and better our body constantly and knows how to do it The BEST because it was made that way.  Not a single scientist or doctor knows more than 10% of what really happens or how it all works in our body.  All a healthcare provider can do is helping our body to do what it does the best -  keeping itself to stay a healthy and balanced homeostasis status all the time…. , and that’s why holistic medicine is a good choice to help the body to stay balanced helping it to do its job better…

No matter how much of good supplements you take if your body doesn’t function in a balanced manner, it won’t produce satisfying result for you.  On the other hand if you can focus on helping your body staying in balanced homeostasis then a simple healthy meal is all you need to stay healthy.


The point being, steady and regulated breathing habit is the bedrock foundation in achieving well balanced and robust homeostasis of your body and mind




Now, let’s look at technique of exhaling.  According to Yin Yang theory, an exhaling is considered as Yang energy: letting- out force, in relation to inhaling: letting-in force.  It is not good to let your yang energy to go out of your body in an abrupt fashion, meaning fast blowout of air.  It should be done in a steady and easy manner.  In my practice of exhaling, the best way I have found is to let my mouth to have a small openning all the time so it will be a reminder to let it out more often.  once you close your mouth tight tongue sticks to upper jaw(teeth line) and presses on them and end up having teethmarks on tongue.  


Intentional exhaling technique will help you lose weight, too.  Carbon molecules are heavily concentrated in fat cells and we lose weight when we exercise and burn these cells with carbon molecules.  Intentional exhaling will promote carbon molecules to be extracted from our cells, fat cells, to give virtual exercise effects.  The reason being if kidney renal system works at an optimal level it enhances our metabolism mechanic as well resulting in weight loss.  We say regular exercise raise our metabolism, right?  Why?  It’s because exercise boosts lung energy to be strong and execute oxygen/carbon dioxide transfusion process at a more robust level which results in helping kidney with its own renal function, and our metabolism is directly tied with kidney.  So, this very intentional exhaling routine will create virtual exercise effect to our lung – kidney operation!


Habit of intentionally regulated breathing through conscious exhaling routine will also help you increase and extend your concentration/focusing power simply because you won’t become tired as much because you are more oxygenated throughout your entire body and especially in your brain, again, through robust kidney’s renal function.  …I’m regulating my breathing, especially exhaling, as I write this paper…


In conclusion, intentional exhaling will give a person an overall healthier homeostasis level through robust kidneys renal function - lowering of stress, maintaining energy, slowing down of aging process, raising metabolism to lose weight and helping concentration level through higher oxygenation.






All in all, it is THE secret to healthier daily living.





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